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We are a collection of shops, each with a unique set of gift ideas, not unlike in your communities down town  area. Our shops are easily accessible via our homepage. We also have access to almost every search engine on the planet and a collection of other shopping links that are the best on the earth.

We started this Internet thing in 1997 with our first web presence CassBeth. This is the place, the first one. We with our our great sites are small and diverse, dedicated to the proposition that there is beauty in diversity and small size. We think that there is a major loss with the demise of main street small America where each merchant adds their piece to the wonderful pie of life. Franchises and mega stores have a place in our world but now they seem to have over run our lives.

With the Internet, we CassBeth and other sites, hope to offer common sense diversity and quality in providing goods and services to folks across the planet.

So what is the bottom line? We are a small business. We intend to stay a small business. We have been at this for a very long time in Internet years. We don't use other peoples money, we use our own money. We don't make much money, but we are in the black because we are based on good old fashion sweat equity.

You see, we feel this is 1949 and people just came back from the war. They have a different vision of a new world. They are branching out away from the cities opening up fruit stands, dinners, and building houses here and there.

Well, as late baby boomers with many years of work still ahead for us with little opportunity to put a fruit stand together in the real word, we have ventured into the virtual world. Armed with the finest educations our civilization has had to offer and work stints in corporate America, we can handle this stuff from a technical point of view. We know an awful lot of stuff about this Internet thing thanks to our original CassBeth site.

Do we have an Internet philosophy? Yes. Keep it small, keep it simple, try to figure out how to use it to feed your family, and just enjoy the commerce of freedom and life. Kind of like the fruit stand or dinner on that lonely road in 1949.

So as you travel down the information super highway in your new shiny PCs we hope that you stop by our fruit stands every so often and check out our lettuce and corn and well I guess some fruity blueberries. We will be here with our plywood, nails, and white wash to create these fabulous human places with soul and offer some dynamite lettuce and blueberries.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our fabulous shopping destination,
so visit us again.

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