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UFOs, Aliens, and Abductions Are Nothing to Worry About...
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Cassbeth, as an associate of Amazon.com places at your finger tips the largest selection of alien, UFO, and abductions books, videos, and DVDs, on the planet. We mean Planet Earth. Sit back and check out some of CassBeths favorites or go directly to Amazon.com. Area 51, bug eyed grays, men in black, flying saucers, space ships, gravity magnifiers, black holes, worm holes, colonization plans, implants, gods from the past that fly in things, project grudge, majestic 12, project blue book, you name it we have main stream literature and videos on the subject. So, have fun and visit us again soon - book mark us now! ...you won't regret it later.

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Alien Abductions ~ VHS ~ Usually ships in 24 hours

UFO Experience, John Dr. M.D. Mack
Our Price: Please Check ~ You Save: usually 15% - 30%

Alien Abductions ~ VHS ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days

Our Price: Please Check ~ You Save: usually 15% - 30%

Contact UFO - Alien Abductions (1992) ~ VHS

Our Price: Please Check ~ You Save: usually 15% - 30%
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UFO's - Encounters and Abductions (1996) ~ VHS ~ Usually ships in 2-3 days

Michael Dorn
Our Price: Please Check ~ You Save: usually 15% - 30%
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Aliens UFOs Abductions Main | Alien Books | UFO Books | Abductions Books
Alien Videos | UFO Videos | Abductions Videos


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Climb aboard the TARDIS with your favorite Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Sylvester McCoy. Also included are the feature movies starring Peter Cushing. These are the VHS releases in the United States, all in NTSC format.

Red Dwarf Videos. The fantastic, wonderful, and unbelievable science fiction British television program. Produced by the BBC, Red Dwarf is great stuff. This show will increase your level of consciousness to such a high level, that you will be useless to everyone on earth.

We have a wide selection of books and some video tapes. Topics include patents, copy rights, science fiction, Dr Who tapes, collectables, kids stuff, engineering, and some religion.

Wide selection of first run DVD videos. Action, adventure, animation, children's, comedy, crime, documentary, drama, film noir, foreign, horror, karaoke, music, musicals, mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, thriller, war, western.

Wide selection of music. Rock, jaza, pop, contemporary, oldies, blues, country, movie sound tracks. You name it, you can find. Check our our selections or search for that special title, group, or song.

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Yes. Amazon.com ships books all over the world and has numerous shipping options .. from express service to surface mail!

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Amazon.com offers a special gift wrapping service. If you want to purchase a book and have Amazon.com deliver it to someone, all you have to do is choose the color scheme of the wrapper, write your own personal message and place an order!

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