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Constitutional Analysis Tool

The Constitutional Analysis Tool (CAT) allows a user to analyze Constitutions and make quantitative consistent comparisons of different struggles across our planet, both today and throughout our history.

There is an old saying, "actions speak louder than words". And so it goes with written and spoken words of all types. Across time and cultures people on earth have attempted to act reasonably with one another and at some point written the words to represent these actions. These are great words, Constitutions, usually born from great struggles. We use them in important works such as framing our roles in nations to providing us guidelines in simple activities such as student organizations and technical societies.

As one reads these words many questions arise. Such as, were these words created in reaction to great injustices or were these words created in hopes of preserving a way of life? Do these words still apply or are they lost in history? Should we now have new words and will it matter?

Who is CAT for and what does it do for us?

CAT is for every teacher and student in every country on earth. If you are able to use an Internet search engine you are able to use CAT. So children can use it in their history and social studies classes that we provide.

CAT is for every professor and advanced student in every country on earth. It allows the serious academic to ruthlessly slice through text and provide quantitative results of our studies. It helps to remove the bias of our cultural and educational past.

CAT is for every government representative on earth. As we ponder our actions and seal our role in history. As we create legislation and serve the forces we decide to serve.

CAT is for every human on earth. To help us understand our history and the history of our fellow humans on earth. To help remind us of the struggles and great dreams or nightmares of our ancestors as we engage in our lives.

CAT is for every new organization, technical society, student club forming under the rules of a constitution or collection of by-laws. Though not as critical as nation state constitutions, they are just as important in their educational value and remind us of our civic responsibilities.

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CAT allows a user to analyze constitutions and make quantitative consistent comparisons of different struggles across our planet, both today and throughout our history. Its powerful mining techniques are based on predefined and user rules that can be saved as templates to support any future analysis.

CAT is a method and tool that allows you to create your own constitutional analysis rules. Embedded within CAT are certain fundamental principals such as services and layering of services from simple to complex. This principal allows the tool to immediately provide results to you as you change the rules to fit your studies and needs even if it is just creating a constitution for a new student club or a new technical society.

CAT comes preloaded with various national and USA state constitutions. You can use the Internet to find other constitutions and bring them into CAT for your studies. You can save your results and distribute them to others for review and comparison.

You upload your constitution and press submit.

Your results are listed with color, status, and descriptive text of the finding.

Too much information, no problem, enable and disable the reports as you need to accomplish your analysis and study.

Need to modify or create a rule, just check show rules and author what you need.

Rules are grouped into services so that you can perform very different analysis within a single template.

Representative Screen Shot - CAT has much more...

Representative Screen Shot - CAT has much more...

Rules are independent of your uploaded constitution file format. Your constitution file can be an HTML, spreadsheet, or a text version of your document.

The constitutional services the preloaded rules look for are: Text Clarity, Government Type, Inalienable Rights, Separation of Powers, Roles, Representatives, Current Challenges, Reading Level, Word Themes, Scars.

In the end metrics are gathered so that you can make quantitative comparisons.

The beauty of CAT is its ability for you to define your own rules. It comes preloaded with a set of rules that allow you to immediately start your studies while at the same time providing you with real world examples to help you synthesize your special rules for your world.

CAT Theory

CAT is based on SAT technologies, an engineering tool.

It is a process and method instantiated with Internet technologies to analyze documents. It is not unlike an Internet search engine, however instead of returning web pages, CAT returns lines of text from a document under analysis. It begins with uploading a document or pointing to a directory of data, subjecting the data to an engine, and directing the engine to process the data based on user defined rules similar to Internet search engines. The user fills in search criteria, checks some boxes, and provides unique text descriptions related to a rule.

Our products share a common characteristic; the potential need for someone to process documents based on rules. The CAT rules deal with constitutional statements. Most of our initial products are based on the need to process and understand precisely written statements, but not all the products, including CAT, must slice and dice precise text. For example, it is trivial to add a rule to find all acronyms in a document. It is also possible to create rules to verify compliance to and outline. It is also simple to use CAT as a collection of highlighter pens (yellow, pink, orange, etc) on your document. However, the CAT core is for people to analyze and understand constitutions.


- Help with Use Cases
- HTML Reporting
- Accepts txt, csv, html, and doc formats
- Accepts DOORS Exports using Excel .csv
- Attempts Automatic .doc Parse
- PUI Preservation or Generation, if None Present

- User Defined Imperatives
- Process Only Imperatives or Process all Option
- Remove Blank Lines Option
- Remove HTML Tags Option
- Preview Uploaded Document Prior to Analysis
- Library Documents, Templates, Reports, Analysis

- User Authored Templates, Services, & Rules
- Template Naming, Description, and Summary
- Rule Naming, Description, and Attributes
- Reading Level Report
- Document Shape Report
- Find Approximate Duplicates Using Masking
- Document Structure Analysis
- Significant Report Display Filtering
- User Accept or Reject Of Each Object
- Full or Partial Rule Reports on Each Object
- Object Hyper Links to Document for Context
- Object Hyper Links To Rule with Short Report
- User Defined Noise Word Filtering
- Profile of all Document Words and Counts
- Profile of all Missed Words in Rules
- Key Word Analysis Context Search

- Multidimensional Metric Counts including Norm
- Hyper Links From Each Metric To Rule

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