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CassBeth Porcelain Limoges Christmas Boxes from France. Each piece is entirely hand made, hand painted, signed, and numbered by the artist. Each piece is gift boxed and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity. Typical measurements vary from 2-4 inches.

Order Description Price
LP7243 Santa's Bag $187.95
LP7365 Wiseman - Duck $214.95
LP7367 Wiseman - Mouse $189.95
LP7366 Wiseman - Sheep $214.95
LP7384 House with Christmas Lights $178.95
LP7343 Choir Boy $189.95
LP7342 Choir Girl $189.95
LP7368 Christmas Cat With Present $178.95
LP7098 Gingerbread Man $168.95
LP7346 Cat Bearing Gift $114.95
LP7345 Mouse Bearing Gift $193.95
LP7344 Christmas Tree With Cardinals $168.95

From left to right:
6922, 6924, 6928
6921, 6925, 6926, 6920
6927, 6923

Order Description Price
LP6920 Christmas Tree with Puppy $188.95
LP6921 Grandfather Clock $188.95
LP6922 Christmas Shopping Bag $168.95
LP6923 Letter To Santa $188.95
LP6924 Christmas Chimney $188.95
LP6925 Christmas Candle $162.95
LP6926 Igloo with Polar Bear $162.95
LP6927 Santa's Cookies $188.95
LP6928 Christmas Mouse $168.95

Order Description Price
LP6310 Ginger Bread House $188.95
LP6311 Nutcracker $188.95
LP6312 Toy Soldier $168.95
LP6313 Santa Clause $188.95
LP6314 Father and Mother Christamas $188.95
LP6315 Snowman $162.95
LP6316 Angel with Harp $162.95
LP6317 Stocking with Kitten $188.95
LP6318 Stocking with Puppy $188.95
LP6319 Reindeer $198.95

Order Description Price
LP6320 Christmas Tree $162.95
LP6321 Cracker $162.95
LP6322 Christmas Presents $168.95
LP6323 Pine Wreath $168.95
LP6324 Candy Cane $162.95
LP6325 Poinsettia $168.95
LP6326 Christmas Bell $162.95
LP6327 Ornament Holly $198.95
LP6328 Ornament  Christmas Tree $188.95
LP6329 Ornament Star $168.95
LP6330 Ornament  Jeweled $188.95
LP6357 Golden Pine Cone $132.95

various sizes from 4" x 1 1/2" to 2" x 1 1/8"

From left to right:
6330, 6327, 6323, 6329, 6328,
6311, 6320, 6316, 6310,
6315, 6313, 6312, 6322,
6321, 6319, 6326, 6325, 6314,
6317, 6318, 6057, 6324




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