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If you have questions or need support please send us a request.

The following is a list of typical questions. We can't stress enough that our tools are easy to install and start. Just follow the default settings. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. View our generic license agreement.

1. Is any information sent out or received by my computer when I use your tools?


2. Is any information sent to anyone as part of the install process?

No, beginning with Release 1.0.

Prior to release 1.0 we used a third party license mechanism where a you filled out a form to activate the tools. We received the information. Since no one provided accurate information we stopped this pointless effort. We sure would like to hear from you.

3. How do I install and administer your tools?

Our tools use a standard Windows install wizard. The user is requested to read and accept the License. The install wizard installs the tool in a fixed directory (do not change it). After installation 2 activation keys are entered the first time the tool is executed. For ease of upgrade, our software is downloadable off the Internet.

Currently there are few administration needs. Once you complete the install, your computer department can copy the image and push the application out to your enterprise, based on your purchase of the number of seats. If you decide to not use this approach the install is very fast and takes less than a few minutes, including the entry of the activation keys.

4. How do I get activation keys?

The tools come preloaded with demo keys. The demo keys provide you full functionality, but you will get a message for a request to buy in a non-antagonizing place, and the tool will eventually stop working.

When you buy the tool we will send you activation keys via email.

5. How do I upgrade your tools?

The user is alerted 14 days prior to the expiration of the keys. During this time a link is offered in the application to update the user keys. If the user keys should expire, you will need to reinstall the tool. The installation will "refresh" the baseline files and you will be prompted for the activation keys the first time the application is started. You should not lose any data, but if you changed your default template it will revert to the newly installed template.

If you wish to update the keys prior to expiration of the 14-day window rename the "pck.txt" file in the "tool (e.g. sat)" directory and proceed like this is the first time you are executing the tool. You can then push the "new pct.txt" file out to your network after successful activation of tool on your staging area computer.

6. Can I use your tools together?

Yes. Be aware that if you run the uninstall all the CassBeth tools will be removed. Also if you stored data in the recommended tool libraries, those directories and files will remain. The uninstall removes our software.

7. My tool starts, but the URL will not resolve, what is wrong?

Our tools start an Apache server. Even though we do not access the Internet you may need to notify your firewall software to allow http://localhost:4444/ to be accessed.

8. My tool Apache server fails to start, what is wrong?

You have another program using a server on your computer.

One example may be a PDF application with web links. Shut down this application prior to starting our tools.

Alternatively,  you may have started a web server on your computer. In this case you can shut down server or add the alias for our tool to your web server conf file. Our tool will then use your web server.

9. How can I tell if Apache has started?

We decided to give you an indication of Apache running by opening a DOS window on your computer. You can minimize the window, but do not close it until you are done working with our tool. If you close the window you shut down our Apache server instance. Also if you follow the Exit sequence in our tool you will shut down Apache.

10. This sounds complex I am afraid, can you help?

Installation takes about 60 seconds. Just do it and join the others who have downloaded our software since 2005. Contact us if you have a problem.

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