COVID-19 Research From
A Systems Perspective

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COVID-19 Research From A Systems Perspective

This research uses a systems perspective for a COVID-19 rapid response using existing research activities and new system oriented research. As the systems team finds other projects, they may be included in this effort. The goal is to provide access, visibility, resources, and develop a systems perspective framework that can be used to maximize effectiveness of future research and rapid response. The potential impact is that critical research is performed and transferred to use as soon as possible to save lives from the COVID-19 outbreak.

This web portal captures the findings from the research so that it is available as soon as possible to those in need.

Project - Return to Life

Returning back to normal life will not be a trivial exercise. This research will be done real time by the people. There will be different policies and procedures that will be developed around the world that reflect different systems. Each of these systems will have different performance characteristics with the ultimate test being how many people will get sick and die. Once again a systems perspective will be used to understand the various Return to Life systems that will be developed.

This research area has become the primary focus of this effort. It is a long hard read but it is a critical read so that there is an understanding of this disaster and the the proposed system solutions to deal with this disaster.

Return To Life

Project - Systems Perspective

Develop a systems perspective framework to be used to perform this and other future COVID-19 rapid response research. The purpose is to maximize the effectiveness of future rapid response research. The potential impact is that critical research is performed and transferred to use as soon as possible to save lives from the COVID-19 outbreak.

Systems Perspective

Project - Ventilators

In March 2020 projections suggested the US needed 900,000+ ventilators and that the current supply was completely inadequate. Further the US had limited manufacturing capacity to deal with this shortfall. The potential impact was that millions of people might die unless the ventilator need was satisfied immediately. The approach was to use different architectures and to leverage what was available in the US to build ventilators.hjad

A web portal was established to reach out to develop different ventilator designs and search for small to medium sized businesses that could quickly adapt to manufacture these new types of ventilators. These same manufactures might be able to address other needs that we may identify.


As of November 2020 this challenge was met. The lesson here is that the same focus if applied to the Return to Life challenge would stop the virus spread and save lives. As of November 2020 that has not yet happened. All research has been focused on the Return to Life need.



Return To Life

Systems Perspective



Systems Practices

Systems Design

Systems Perspective



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Systems Perspective

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The following is information to help you deal with your additional needs.

Establishing Your Own Website

The Internet started in 1945 with a famous paper published in 1945 called As We May Think. The idea was to allow anyone to access and add to a limitless library of knowledge. The early Internet was true to that goal and tools were developed to allow that to happen. If you want to build a simple website that just works please visit webdev.

Post COVID-19 Immediate Crisis

How did we get here? Unfortunately in my arrogance I think I know. It is in my latest book: Privatization A Systems Perspective. All I can say is that once some stability surfaces there needs to be a major shift in our policies or we will not make it in the next 100 years. There will be nothing left...

This research is being performed using the memex. The memex was first conceived in 1945 in a paper called As We May Think. Since 1945 generations of engineers and scientists have worked tirelessly to make the memex a reality and you know it as the Internet. Its original purpose was to Educate and perform Research. E-commerce and social media came much later and many that used the Internet for Research and Education have died. The memex is being used by healthcare providers around the world to deal with the COVID-19 disaster in real time. Please forward the information  on this page to everyone everywhere.

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