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We are a collection of shops, each with a unique set of gift ideas, not unlike in a your communities down town  area. Our shops are easily accessible via our homepage. We also have access to almost every search engine on the planet and a collection of other shopping links that are the best on the earth.


Our Search feature enables you to quickly locate a shop or series of shops containing your product need. It allows you to set the parameters of your search in order to make the search as specific as you would like. Simply click on the Search button located on any page and enter the gifts you would like to search by. For example, you may enter a manufacturer number, the manufacturer name, product name, or just a broad category like photographs.

Product Value

At CassBeth, we work hard to bring you unique shops with products that your family needs. At CassBeth we define needs for both the body and the soul. We provide things that are needed daily just to go about our business of life. We also provide things for the soul, or other half of the brain, from small unknown artists and wonderful manufactures.

Product Descriptions

We strive to bring you the best product information possible, but in an enjoyable manor. Details on each product, including product descriptions, benefits, quality and performance claims, are provided by the artist, supplier, or manufacturer of the product. This information is reproduced by CassBeth for your convenience. However, the information is not verified or substantiated by CassBeth. CassBeth is not responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. Also items from artist are not childerns toys and should not be treated as such. Although, wonderful, they may contain materials not suitable for small children.

If you have any questions regarding any of the products we carry, please send an email.

Product Availability

Due to the popularity of some items, we may not always have an item in stock. If this situation occurs, we will promptly notify you via email.

How To Order

Like your home town we are organized by shops. Unlike your home town our town square is huge with access to some of the best Internet retailers on earth. Even with this access, we have chosen to select and feature certain products in our exclusive shops. We will not let you wander thru a mindless warehouse when you visit our shops. At CassBeth we want to make shopping as enjoyable and easy as possible for you. Just follow the simple steps below.

Browse or Search for Products

Visit our shops or use our Search tool to locate the items you are interested in. We recommend that you visit several shops prior to placing your order, not unlike when you get in your car and go for a leisurely visit to your town center.

To Order

To order and get further product information, just click on your desired link. We as an associate to some of the best and largest internet retailers on earth will transfer you to the appropriate company and product description. To order, just follow the directions on the destination site.

Access Problems

If you are having trouble accessing our site or are receiving an error message, the answer may be found below:

"Busy, Try Again Later" or "Document Contains No Data"

These messages will appear if there are too many users accessing the CassBeth web site at the same time. Our suggestion would be to wait a few minutes and then try to re-access the page by clicking the "reload" button at the top of your web browser. You may also want to try emptying your cache, and this may help to resolve the access problem.

"No DNS Entry"

If you cannot access the on-line Forms from your place of work, you may be located behind a firewall which will not allow you to complete the transactions.

"Server Error"

If this message appears, wait a few minutes and then try to re-access the page by clicking the "reload" button at the top of your web browser. If the error message continues to appear, please copy the URL and send it via email to Tech Problems. This information will help us to track down the problem and resolve it quickly.

Missing Pictures / Links or Wrong Pictures / Links

If there are missing pictures, missing links, wrong pictures, or wrong links, please let us know Tech Problems. This information will help resolve it quickly so that you have a pleasant visit to our site.

Disclaimers and Complaints

CassBeth is a collection of retail shops and industrial office park companies providing goods, services, and information via the Internet. We are organized by shopping center and industrial office park.

CassBeth is not responsible and assumes no liability for the actions of the companies and stores not owned directly by CassBeth.

CassBeth will however consider all customer complaints and if necessary, at its own discretion, remove any offending site from its location immediately. Contact CassBeth.

Privacy Statement

While CassBeth does not use cookies, some of our advertisers do use cookies. They use this information to keep track of your shopping cart, to make sure you don't see the same ad repeatedly, and other unique reasons as they see fit.

CassBeth contains links to other sites. CassBeth is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

CassBeth uses an order form for customers to request information, products, and services. We collect visitor's contact information (like their email address) to send orders to our customers. We do not use automated mailing techniques. So, if you receive an email from us, its because a human had a good reason to send you the email.

We use normal internet server logging techniques. This anonymous information identifies the previous link you came from and the link you went to. It also includes normal equipment information such as the anonymous browser. This information is only used to identify which shops are most popular and potential problems with our presentation of data on the web. Its a fancy web page counter that we use for internal planning.

CassBeth occasionally runs surveys on the web site. They are only for the entertainment and pleasure of our visitors. None of the data is sold or compiled for any purpose other than display to our visitors.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our fabulous shopping destination,
so visit us again.

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