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Available through January 7

CassBeth is gathering a great selection of dolls for everyone. We start with beautiful porcelean dolls and continue with lovely button dolls. We have many themes and ethnic backgrounds - Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Bohemian, Amish, African, German, Irish and more. The following is a wonderful selection of limited edition porcelean dolls by Beatrice of New York.

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961-B AMISH DOLL "RACHEL", blue dress, black bonnet & pinafore, blonde 18", $67.99

961-N AMISH DOLL "EMMA" PURPLE dress, black bonnet & pinafore, blonde 18", $67.99

1041 AMISH DOLL "NAOMI" THE BRIDE, navy blue dress, wh. pinafore & bonnet, brunet 18", $67.99

1061 AMISH DOLL "AMOS" blue shirt, matches #961-B, straw hat, blonde 18", $64.99

1071 AMISH DOLL "REBECCA" green dress & eyes, blk bonnet & pinafore, auburn 18", $67.99

1O71-B AMISH DOLL "REBECCA'S BROTHER ADAM", green shirt & eyes, blk hat, 18", $64.99

1072 AMISH DOLL "RUTH" burgundy dress, white pinafore & bonnet, brunet 14", $54.99

1101 AMISH DOLL "JOHN STOLZFUS" THE GROOM, black outfit & hat, brunet 18", $79.99

1111 AMISH DOLL "JOSHUA" purple shirt, matches #961-N, straw hat, 18", brunet $64.99

1114 AMISH DOLL "BABY GIRL SARAH", pink dress, black bonnet, pinafore, blonde 18", $83.99

1051 CANDICE lavender dress, white trim, brown eyes, auburn hair 18", $95.99

1052 SHANNON blue denim dress, white trim, blue straw hat, blonde 18", $98.99

1056 SAILOR GIRL, navy blue dress, white trim, long blonde hair, blue eyes 18", $89.99

1O56-W white dress, blue trim, white beret, dark hair, blue eyes, 18", $89.99

1O56-B BOY navy blue dress, wh.trim and  white beret, blonde, blue eyes 18", $89.99

1057 ALEXANDRA mauve moire dress, rich white trim, wreath, dark hair 16", $98.99

1060 PRISCILLA THE PILGRIM, authentic cranberry dress, white coif, blonde 18", $67.99

1069 BONNIE THE WESTERNER, pink blouse, brown fancy skirt, boots, felt hat 18", $111.99

1070 BIBI THE ENGLISH, deep green velvet dress, rich cream trim, green eyes 18", $119.99

1074 REGINA peach satin dress, cream trim, auburn hair, brown eyes 16", $67.99

1076 MAUREEN THE IRISH, green dress & eyes, white trim, auburn hair 17 1/2", $79.99

1077 GRETA THE GERMAN, green / red multi print, white trim, brunet 18", $87.99

1078 DAISY navy blue dress, white trim & straw hat, blue eyes, 18", $89.99

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1081 VICTORIA light blue silk moire dress, white trim, blue eyes, 16", $91.99

1089 CHANTAL pale pink satin dress, ecru trim & lace, blue eyes, blonde 18", $75.99

1090 AMBER burgundy velvet dress, ecru lace, brown eyes, blonde 18", $107.99

1091 BETINA THE CZECH, rich green multi color print, white trim, bonnet 16", $75.99

1092 RENATA THE BOHEMIAN BRIDE, soft floral print on cream, bonnet 16", $99.99

1095 ANASTASIA THE RUSSIAN, authentic amethyst velvet dress, cca 1990 18", $119.99

1096 SABINA mauve satin, white lace & trim, dark hair & eyes 18", $71.99

1097 ANNIE OAKLEY FEMININE SPIRIT OF THE WEST, brown outfit & hat, blonde $119.99

1098 BABETTE THE PARISIEN, multi print on cream w/gold lines, green eyes 18", $111.99

1099 AMERICAN GIRL, red printed skirt & socks, wh.eyelet blouse & straw hat 18", $113.99

1100 HALINA THE POLISH, authentic costume-Cracow region, blonde 18", *, $119.99

1102 LUCIA THE ITALIAN, cream brocade, peach rosettes, ecru trim 18", $109.99

1103 THE BRIDE, silk white satin & rich lace, white trim, pearls and veil 18", *, $111.99

1104 GOGGLY BABIES in white gowns, blue, pink & white ribbon trim 10", $59.99 /  3pcs

1107 OLGA THE RUSSIAN, dusty rose in-woven design, rosettes, hat 18", *, $107.99

1109 VLASTA THE BOHEMIAN, authentic folklore dress, wreath, blonde long hair 18", *, $119.99

1110 MASHA THE UKRAINIAN, unique print & hat, auburn hair, brown eyes 18", *, $115.99

1112 ANGEL ecru or pink gown, cream trim, gold wings 18", $75.99

1113 COUNTRY BABY, multicolor print dress, white trim, bonnet, blonde 18", *, $89.99

1115 CLAUDIA, navy blue velvet coat, mauve moire dress, beret & purse, blonde 18", $129.99

1117 COMMUNION DOLL, white satin dress, wreath, blonde, blue eyes 18", *, $129.99

1118 SABELLA THE SPANISH, black velvet/print w/gold thread.skirt, hat 18", $119.99

1121 CHRISTENING BABY, white eyelet gown & bonnet, blue eyes, blonde 18", $119.99

1122 ASHLEY, rich white dress & trim, hat, brown eyes & hair 18", $119.99

MM MUSICAL MOVEMENT for doll (additional) $5.00




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1109 VLASTA THE BOHEMIAN, authentic folklore dress, wreath, blonde long hair $119.99 Order Now

1100 HALINA THE POLISH, authentic costume-Cracow region, blonde 18", $119.99 Order Now

1103 THE BRIDE, silk white satin & rich lace, white trim, pearls and veil 18", $111.99 Order Now

1113 COUNTRY BABY, multicolor print dress, white trim, bonnet, blonde 18", $89.99 Order Now

1107 OLGA THE RUSSIAN, dusty rose in-woven design, rosettes, hat 18", 54.00 Order Now

Button Dolls

Busy Button Dolls are available for many holiday occassions and other special events. Available with black and white faces except where noted. These special keepsake dolls are for everyone, especially the person who has everything. Because of their detailed construction they are not toys.

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