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System Engineering

Download FMT

Select this link to Download Current Version or Other Versions

1. select download now - put it someplace where you can find it (e.g. C:/z-shareware/cassbeth)
2. when download completes find installfmt.exe and double click it
3. follow install instructions
4. start FMT by going to your Start Menu, look for CassBeth FMT and select Start FMT
5. when browser starts up, wait till FMT default page with lots of links is displayed
6. press submit
7. enter the activation keys: Demo Keys
for full function keys Buy Now
8. respond to the license and wait till FMT default page with lots of links is displayed
9. this completes the install of FMT

Win95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, ME using Netscape or IE or other browsers
let us know if it works on your APPLE
Various UNIX platforms avaliable upon request

Release History

Release 1.2 February 20, 2013



- Fixed correctly spelled word mining

Release 1.1 February 16, 2013

- Added context
- Added two book image



Release 1.0 February 08, 2013

Initial release

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