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Throughout history, eggs have been honored by every culture as symbols of birth and new life. It is believed that an egg embodies the natural energies of life, vitality and gusto! It is said to bring good luck to its owner. The giving of decorated eggs has been an important tradition in the old world for many years. The egg, symbolizing the source of life, is given to express the love and friendship that lies deep in the heart of the giver. Each piece of art is ultimately different, since no two eggs are exactly the same. These uniquely designed collectible eggs make treasured gifts that can be passed down through the generations.

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from left to right top to bottom
10AG, 10W/M, 10STF, 10ST/K
10B/P, 10PF, 10W/S
1014, 10C, 10W/R, 10D, 27, 28

catalog #, description, price / eggs in group

10 C HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, "Rooster" papercut design on white $54.99 / 6

10 D HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, "DELFT" blue design on white, asst.designs $49.99 / 10

10 W/M HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, Matroshka" girl's face, colorful $48.99 / 6

10 W/R HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, traditional Russian geometric designs $48.99 / 12

10 PM/E HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, asst.floral designs, gold plated $48.99 / 6

10 PM/I HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, Oriental designs, asst. gold plated $48.99 / 6

27 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, round ring $29.99 / 12

28 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, ring on 3 paws $35.99 / 12

1016 RABBIT, all stuffed white cotton, dressed, 3 asst. $38.99 / 3 (no pictured)

1014 BUNNY, porcelain doll (stuffed body) 10" 2 asst. $39.99 / 2

1123 BUNNY, porcelain doll (stuffed body) 14" pink fancy outfit $65.99 each (no pictured)


Larger Image

from left to right top to bottom
10PM/R, 10F, 10E/F
25, 10R/B, 10BL/R
31, 10PM/20, 10W/F, 10CH, 10G, 10CE/B, 1G/B

catalog #, description, price / eggs in group

10 B HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, traditional, batik style, multicolor $59.99 / 10

10 BL/R HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, "IKON" style, 6 asst.designs of saints $29.99 / 6

l0 W/F HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, asst.floral designs $32.99 / 4

10 PM/20 HANDPAINTED PAPIER MACHE EGG BOXES, asst. designs & colors $29.99 / 4

33 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, 11" high 3-piece hook, glad plated $15.99 / 2

31 LUCITE EGG-HOLDER, tulip shape $23.99 / 12


Other Eggs not pictured

catalog #, description, price / eggs in group

10 E/F HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, etching technique, asst.designs & colors $48.99 / 6

10 F HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, watercolor floral designs, asst. & colors $64.99 / 10

10 PA  HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, traditional warm light colors, orange etc. $44.99 / 6

10 PA/F  HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, pastel colors of flowers, pink, lavender etc. $44.99 / 6

10 R/P  HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, wax decorated, bright asst.colors & designsl $36.99 / 6

10 ST/L HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, wax & straw lattice design, bright colors $84.99 / 10

10 ST/W  HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, wax & straw points, elaborate, on cobalt $56.99 / 6

10 Y HANDPAINTED EGGSHELLS, unique gold yarn decor on dark colors $56.99 / 6

10 CE/F CERAMIC EGGS, underglazed w/raised design of fl.+holder $48.99 / 2

10 CE/R  CERAMIC EGGS, Mother & Child and Jesus with holder $48.99 / 2

10 CE/C CERAMIC EGGS, design of Russian church with holder $48.99 / 2

10 W HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, Polish folkart, asst.colors & designs $48.99 / 12

10 W/C HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, unique elaborate bright designs, asst. $32.99 / 4

10 W/L HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, large version of 1OW/C, unique designs $15.99 / 4

10 W/P HANDPAINTED WOODEN EGGS, bright red/pink flower design on natl.wood $54.99 / 12


Egg Holders

catalog #, description, price / eggs in group

18 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, round scalloped shape $41.99 / 12 (not pictured)

27 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, round ring $29.99 / 12

28 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, ring on 3 paws $35.99 / 12

33 BRASS EGG-HOLDER, 11" high 3-piece hook, glad plated $15.99 / 2

30 BR BROWN WOODEN EGG-HOLDER, $23.99 / 12 (not pictured)

31 LUCITE EGG-HOLDER, tulip shape $23.99 / 12



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