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There are many ways to approach problems. This service identifies the emphasis of various approaches. It is based on the fundamental process of state the problem, identify current approaches, state what is wrong with the current approaches, identify alternatives, tradeoff the alternatives, and pick the most effective alternative. This is all under the framework of seeking truth. Consider using other templates: Constitutional, Legislation, Plain Language, and even Screen Plays.

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331 region 288 people 173 business 132 land 128 agriculture 127 health
120 tax 72 food 55 farm 46 education 44 property 41 labor
39 child 35 state 34 disease 28 burden 28 burden 27 Agriculture
27 money 26 Region 23 patent 23 Business 23 labour 21 Food
17 hunger 17 Health 15 city 14 children 12 People 11 Land
11 ownership 8 Labor 7 State 6 Property 6 Education 5 cash
5 currency 5 province 4 Labour 4 City 4 farms 4 Farm
3 Patent 3 Defense 3 Tax 3 Child 3 citizens 2 Church
2 war 2 nurse 2 town 2 medicine 2 village 2 War
2 teacher 2 Disease 2 Town 2 Children 1 church 1 Hunger
1 army 1 clinic 1 Burden 1 Province 1 Burden 1 Medicine
1 owner 1 doctors 1 Farms 1 defense 1 hospital

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3 Tax 5 cash 120 tax 1 Burden 28 burden 5 currency
27 money 1 Burden 12 People 28 burden 3 citizens 288 people
1 clinic 2 Disease 17 Health 1 Medicine 34 disease 1 doctors
127 health 1 hospital 2 medicine 2 nurse 2 War 2 war
3 Defense 1 army 1 defense 27 Agriculture 4 Farm 1 Farms
21 Food 1 Hunger 128 agriculture 55 farm 4 farms 72 food
17 hunger 3 Child 2 Children 6 Education 39 child 14 children
46 education 2 teacher 4 City 7 State 15 city 35 state
1 Province 26 Region 2 Town 5 province 331 region 2 town
2 village 8 Labor 4 Labour 41 labor 23 labour 11 Land
132 land 1 owner 23 Business 3 Patent 6 Property 173 business
11 ownership 23 patent 44 property 2 Church 1 church

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temple worship religion god creator divine
divinity air\s*force soldier mint proprietor county

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Agriculture s12s




Defense s12s






Education s12s





Health s12s




Labor s12s





Money s12s




People s12s




Religion s12s






State s12s




Wealth s12s




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National Roles: The concept of roles is relatively new. It comes coincident with the explosion of the computer and various theories to help create computer automation but is actually used in operations management. The computer scientists and system engineers gave birth to functions, objects, capabilities, and threads, etc. Those engaged in management and process description have created the term role to define an entity in a process flow. This concept has been bought forward to try to provide some insight into constitutional analysis. What is the role of typical elements in a society within the framework of a constitutional document. Can new insights be surfaced by identifying and characterizing these roles in a reductionism and holistic fashion? The fact there is even a role in a constitutional document is revealing. The percentage of the national resources of a role embodied in national makeup as evidenced by the constitution is an important metric.

. . . 1. Agriculture Food is core to the survival of any people. What is the role of agriculture in the nation state and is it characterized in the constitution or other government charter documents.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Agriculture Color: MAROON Access Object: agriculture|farms?|food|hunger Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 2. Defense When a group of people join together to form a nation state one of the primary unifying forces is a common defense. The role and level of defense in the constitution is an important measure of the level of security and insecurity of the framers of the constitution.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Defense Color: GREEN Access Object: defense| war |army|navy|air\s*force|soldier Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 3. Education Is education a privilege or a right and what role should government play in education. Some would argue that education is a right that must be protected, unlike non-humans, which are born with instinct.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Education Color: NAVY Access Object: education|children|child|teacher Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 4. Health Health is core to the survival of any people. What is the role of agriculture in the nation state and is it characterized in the constitution or other government charter documents.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Health Color: FUCSHIA Access Object: health|doctors?|nurse| clinic |hospital|medicine|disease Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 5. Labor No Comment Text in this rule.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Labor Color: ORANGE Access Object: labor|labour Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 6. Money Where does the national currency come from, who controls its are some of the questions in this role. What is method of funding the government and who bears the burden are yet other interesting insights.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Money Color: BLUE Access Object: currency|money| mint | cash | tax |burden Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 7. People What is the role of the people in the government. What are their responsibilities to check the government. What rights did they relinquish to the government.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: People Color: BROWN Access Object: reponsibility|burden|people|citizens? Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 8. Religion The presence or absence of references to religion in the constitution is very significant. Those fearing religious persecution have strongly rejected the merging of religion and state. Those not fearing religious persecution may reference the joining of church and state. In many ways this simple relationship characterizes the nation state and allows a unique human to determine if they can live within that nation state.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Religion Color: RED Access Object: church|mosque|temple|worship|religion|god|creator|divine|divinity Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 9. State What is the relationship of different governments to this government and its constitution. Should there be a relationship. What powers are granted and relinquished by the interlocking government entities.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: State Color: OLIVE Access Object: state |province|region|county| city |town|village Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

. . . 10. Wealth Personal property, personal wealth, and who owns what and under what conditions are fundamental to inalienable rights. The right to own what you produce and not have it confiscated, stolen, compromised, or maneuvered out of your control is fundamental to freedom.
. . . . . . Rule Summary Name: Wealth Color: PURPLE Access Object: business|property|ownership| land |patent| owner |proprietor Count Accessed Patterns: CHECKED Count Accessed Words: CHECKED

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