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Medical Transcript Analysis

The Medical Transcript Analysis tool is a revolutionary new analysis tool to help users analyze medical text records. This includes doctors, nurses, physician assistants, researchers and students. MTA comes loaded with sample medical transcripts and a default template for getting started in analysis.

You upload your document and press submit.

Your results are listed with color, status, and descriptive text of the finding.

Too much information, no problem, enable and disable the reports as you need to accomplish your analysis and study.

Need to modify or create a rule, just check show rules and author what you need.

Rules are grouped into services so that you can perform very different analysis within a single template.

Rules are independent of your uploaded file format. Your file can be an HTML, spreadsheet, or a text version of your document.

In the end metrics are gathered so that you can make quantitative comparisons.

The beauty of MTA is its ability for you to define your own rules. It comes preloaded with a set of rules that allow you to immediately start your studies while at the same time providing you with real world examples to help you synthesize your special rules for your world.

MTA Theory

MTA is based on SAT technologies, an engineering tool.

It is a process and method instantiated with Internet technologies to analyze documents. It is not unlike an Internet search engine, however instead of returning web pages, MTA returns lines of text from a document under analysis. It begins with uploading a document or pointing to a directory of data, subjecting the data to an engine, and directing the engine to process the data based on user defined rules similar to Internet search engines. The user fills in search criteria, checks some boxes, and provides unique text descriptions related to a rule.

Our products share a common characteristic; the potential need for someone to process documents based on rules. The MTA rules deal with textual medical records and transcripts. Most of our initial products are based on the need to process and understand precisely written statements, but not all the products, including MTA, must slice and dice precise text. For example, it is trivial to add a rule to find all acronyms in a document. It is also possible to create rules to verify compliance to an outline. It is also simple to use MTA as a collection of highlighter pens (yellow, pink, orange, etc) on your document. However, the MTA core is for people to help visualize medical text.



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