The author of Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering attended the 2008 Collingswood Book Festival - pictures

Cherry Hill, NJ -- 10/10/08 -- The author of Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering met with many people at the Collingswood Book Festival and signed his book. Mr. Sobkiw commented "The kids in college and fresh out of college were very interested in the book. To my surprise a large number of older people in retirement also showed the same level of excitement about the book. A person from the financial sector who was in the middle of the current mortgage crisis was even interested in the general theme of the book and got his own copy." Mr. Sobkiw commented "I really liked this event and I will look for others to attend." He is available for other events and book signings.

About The Author:
Walt has held various government, defense, and commercial high technology positions in the past 30 years. He has published and presented at several technical conferences. Starting from New Jersey, going to California, then Florida, and returning back to New Jersey Walt has a very broad and deep understanding of the state of engineering and technology in the United States. He has taken this experience and digested it into his new book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" in hopes of providing an effective road map for people engaged in building everything in the next 100 years.

About CassBeth:
Cassbeth is the publisher of "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering".

About Collingswood Book Festival:
The Collingswood Book Festival is an annual event held in Collingswood New Jersey.

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