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System Engineering

Requirements Verification Tool

RVT is a revolutionary new automation platform to help organizations develop extremely high quality software that may be subjected to certification. Examples include mission critical and security critical software. It is based on web technology and provides HTML reports with hyperlinks that allow analysts to jump between actual lines of code, test instrumentation points, requirements, and code analysis findings. The end result is very high quality software and a set of documented evidence that systematically streamlines certification efforts while significantly boosting confidence that the system will behave as expected.

RVT comes with a process that we developed and a custom tool suite that interfaces to existing tools. The way it works is we come in, establish the process, interface RVT to your tool suite, and stay for your first release until you are successful. After that point you license the tool and technology on a per project or per product basis. It's that simple.

So drop us a note and let us introduce you to 21st century mission critical / security critical software development.


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Specification Analysis Tool

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