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About SAT

The story of SAT goes back more than two and a half decades, in a time and place very different from today. Back then young engineers mathematicians and scientists found themselves in large organizations with massive capability. Part of this capability included senior staff to mentor the new technologists, many of whom never saw a specification or could not imagine the use of a requirement. In that environment, the senior staff would slowly introduce the concepts of technology development and management, which included the fundamentals of specifications and requirements. They would use check lists, papers, examples, classroom training, and on the job training. The more dedicated young technologists would visit the company library to confirm and correct the directions of the senior staff.

Today, the environment for the young technologist is very different. Gone are the senior staff roles, gone are the mentoring concepts, gone are the vast company libraries. In its place we have people, young and old, still just as eager to produce and push the existing boundaries, and we have unlimited computing capacity. This is where SAT comes in to fill the void. SAT uses todays' massive computing capacity to capture the work of the senior staff of decades ago. It replaces check lists, classroom instruction, on the job training, and personal research at the company library with a tool that helps both the professional and the young technologist to write good specifications and requirements. PurchaseDownload

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