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I'm not sure why I finally decided to start publishing in 1988. Perhaps it was because at one employer I was part of a team that did some really good stuff and no one knew about it, and not because it was classified. Perhaps it was because my brain chemistry was changing with age.

Tom was the one who suggested that I try it out, to which I replied that it was a silly exercise, especially for someone with no MS or PHD.  Plus I had written dozens of CDRLs with my previous employer, and publishing as he suggested really seemed superficial. Tom quietly and patently suggested that the mumbo jumbo makes no difference. What matters is that you have something on your resume that will provide you with an edge. That did not convince me either, but when he also said it will allow me to tolerate the somewhat strange work situation that we were both in at the time, I started to listen. Publishing would allow me to continue to do what comes naturally, which is engineer, and also publically identify that occasionally, I could have good ideals. Sounds like the right Ego button was pressed.

These things (papers) are really pompous, but they were published. Since then, when there have been times that I have been uncertain of my convictions, I would think of those things and figure, someone at one time thought that I must have good things to say. So they have helped me in a way that I never thought they originally would help. They have been there to support my Ego. Whenever strange things would surface in the workplace, like some nasty person saying, "you don't know anything about that", I always had the choice, since 1988 to reply, "well I may not, but the paper I had published at blank blank blank Conference, addressed that very issue". I have never used that option. It was always enough for me to know that some of what I had done in the past, both published and unpublished, is in the library of congress.


  Design For Fault Tolerance And Performance In A Dod­Std­2167 Ada Project ,  Proceedings of The Sixth National Conference On Ada Technology March 14-18, 1988.

  Integration Of Air/Ground Data Links ATCA , 34th Annual Air Traffic Control Association Conference Proceedings ATCA October 30­November 2, 1989.

  Binding As A Mechanism To Support Reusability In A Distributed Ada Communications System , Proceedings of the Sixth Washington Ada Symposium June 26 ­ 29, 1989.

  Reusable Subsystems From A High Performance Ada Communication System , Proceedings of The Seventh Annual National Conference On Ada Technology March 13-16 1989.

  Approaches To Air Traffic Control/Air Defense Workstation Simulation And Training , Thirteenth Interservice / Industry Training Systems Conference (ITSC) Fall 1991.

  Integration Of Air / Ground Data Links IEEE ,  40th IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference May 6-9, 1990.

  The Potential Use Of Over­The­Horizon (Oth) Sensors For Oceanic Air Traffic Control , 35th Annual Air Traffic Control Association Conference Proceedings Sepetmber 16-20, 1990.

  Prototyping Air Surveillance Displays , 36th Annual Air Traffic Control Association Conference Proceedings Sepetmber 29 - October 3, 1991.

Not Published

  Hughes AAS Architecture A . Where did it come from and what was it all about.   circa 1982.

  Comment on the Hughes AAS Architecture A . What does it mean today.   circa 1998.

  Air Traffic Control in The Year 2000 and beyond . After the activity at Hughes, I developed some opinions about the Advanced Automation system (AAS) and what should really happen to support the next generation ATC system. Its my opinion and I am entitled to it... circa 1987.

  Technology, the Internet, and Organizations . An E-Mail excerpt that addresses some key issues associated with new technology development and its introduction into society. circa 1996.

  Year 2000 .  An E-Mail excerpt that addresses some key issues associated with year 2000, new technology development and its introduction into society. circa 1997.

  Patent . Fire Fighter Trainer using computer technology to enhance the simulation and training experience. circa 1994. There is a co-inventor listed. I am not sure what he contributed. I have taken the liberty of marking the areas of the patent that I created. Basically, remove the mechanical aspects and the rest is mine in source. The mechanical aspects of such a device are actually patented by Simtron of NJ... You take it from there...

  What Went Wrong With AAS . Did something go wrong with AAS and if so what was it? Did anything go right  with AAS? Was it a waste of time and money? The printing press has just been invented and no one knows how to read and write except for a few monks...

  CassBeth Technology

There is more to life then all this techie stuff. You are burning out half of your brain. Before it is too late, give it a rest and feed the other half of your brain with a visit to a wonderful sane cyber shop.

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