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L-3 Communications Corporation is helping to develop an advanced x-ray system capable of detecting a wide range of explosive materials that might be concealed in airport luggage. Originally started at Lockheed Martin Specialty Components, the program was funded by an $8.5 million Federal Aviation Administration grant. As the prime contractor, Specialty Components integrated technologies to produce a computed tomography (CT) x-ray system similar to devices used as medical diagnostic tools.

A competing system produced by InVision Technologies is in place at two U.S. airports, but the system called the eXaminer 3DX 6000 is being designed to process luggage much more quickly and to provide superior detection capabilities.

The eXaminer will be able to scan one bag every 5.5 seconds, for an average of 675 bags per hour. Like medical CT scanners, the system uses a rotating disk, called a gantry, with a circular opening through which bags pass. An x-ray source is mounted on the gantry. The x-rays pass through a bag and are measured by detectors on the opposite side of the gantry.

The system is unique in that it permits dual-energy analysis of both density and atomic number. This data is analyzed and compared to the data profiles of known explosives, which have been entered into the system's high-speed computers.

L-3 Communications Corporation, Analogic Corporation and Europ Scan have submitted a proposal to the French Directorate General Aviation Civil (DGAC) in response to its upcoming order for Computer Tomography (CT-based) airport security systems. The scanners would be installed at major airports in France and its overseas departments. Europ Scan will be responsible for the integration, installation and system support of the installed units.

L-3 Communications and Analogic are jointly developing the eXaminer 3DX 6000 CT- based explosion detection scanner for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The system is currently in development testing with FAA certification expected in the fourth quarter of this 1997. The eXaminer 3DX 6000 is the only scanner that uses high-speed, multi-slice volumetric, dual energy CT technology intended to detect and identify all types of explosives with an exceptionally low false alarm rate.

L-3 Communications, headquartered in New York, NY, is an independent supplier of secure communications systems, products, and support services to aerospace prime contractors and other commercial customers, as well as to the U.S. military and federal agencies.

Analogic Corporation, (NASDAQ: ALOG) headquartered in Peabody, Massachusetts, is a leading developer and supplier of high performance industrial signal processing components, subsystems and systems, including complete computer tomography systems.

Europ Scan (Heimann Systems Group), headquartered in Paris, France, belongs to Rheinmetall Electronik AG in Dusseldorf, Germany. Europ Scan is a world leader in x-ray inspection equipment for mail, luggage and freight and has installed the only high energy systems for container inspection worldwide.

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