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Constitutional Analysis Tool

Nation State Constitutions

This template is to get you started in analysis of nation state constitutions. There are other templates in the CAT libraries that are tailored to other constitutions like student organizations, technical societies, labor unions, etc. Just because the tool is titled Constitutional Analysis does not mean that you are restricted to only those texts. You can easily modify the services and rules to analyze bylaws, legislation, and other areas where the CAT agent can help you understand and characterize a document.

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1. select browse, go to z-cassbeth/cat/documents
2. pick usconstitution.txt document
3. select Inalienable Rights, press submit, review results
4. go thru each service one at a time
5. select browse, pick another constitution
6. compare the results
7. update and create new rules and templates
. . . These template instructions are user defined.

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