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Template Exchange

Welcome to the CassBeth template exchange. These templates are yours to use as you see fit for your needs. This exchange is based on your good will, so if you have created a template please let us know and we will post it for others to access and use for any reason including commercial applications. submit a template

Feel free to down load these templates. Just follow the unique instructions with each template. To download any template, select the link and when the template loads in the new browser window, use the file save option in the new browser window to save the it into the tool "template" folder on your computer (e.g. z-cassbeth/sat/templates).

Any of these templates can be used in any of your CassBeth document analysis tools, however if you move a template from one tool to another you will need to modify a line of text in wordpad or another editor. For example to move a template from PLA to SAT modify:

<FORM method='POST' enctype='multipart/form-data' action='http://localhost:4444/~pla/satpro.cgi'>


<FORM method='POST' enctype='multipart/form-data' action='http://localhost:4444/~sat/satpro.cgi'>


rules-nasa-ivv.html Created to support a presentation at the NASA IVV facility.

rules-cmsei-incose.html Reflects a set of rules, as interpreted by template author, from a CMISEI presentation given at an Incose Local Chapter meeting in 2005

rules-incose.html Reflects a set of rules found in various INCOSE papers, as as interpreted by template author.

rules-nasa.html Reflects a set of rules found in the NASA ARM tool, as as interpreted by template author.

rules-sat.html Very comprehensive set of specification analysis rules. It is an attempt to be a superset  to apply to anyone in need of specification analysis.

verbs.html This starts with the rules-sat.html template and adds a verbs service. It looks for verbs or lack of verbs in your requirements.

sow.html Use this to analyze your staements of work.

mixed-units.html Please propose a template.

acronyms.html Please propose a template.

aerospace-industry.html Please propose a template.

communications-industry.html Please propose a template.

power-industry.html Please propose a template.

automobile-industry.html Please propose a template.

air-traffic-control-industry.html Please propose a template.

banking-industry.html Please propose a template.

other-industries.html Please propose a template.


generic-document.html This is like a highlighter pen marking the text that you identify.

global-warming.html An early attempt to create a template to analyze policy documents.

policy-analysis.html Used to analyze major policy documents from the UK, EU, and USA.

sustainable-system-engineering.html Performs detailed analysis of your sustainable development documents from a system perspective.

screen-plays.html Has a meter to indicate if a body of work is negative or positive in terms of feelings.

college-essay-analysis Please propose a template.


constitutions-nation-state.html Gets you started in analysis of nation state constitutions.

constitutions-student.html Gets started in analysis of your new student organization constitution. You can easily modify the services and rules in this template to analyze bylaws.


legislation.html Get started with laws at any level including, federal, state, city, county, town, region, province, or village.


plain-language.html . help-pl.html Support plain language analysis. It includes a help file that must be placed in the main tool directory (e.g. z-cassbeth/sat). This template allows you to transform your documents into clear concise enjoyable works of written communications using rules from the Pain Language Movement.


medical-transcript-analysis.html This Systems View template allows you to quickly analyze your medical transcripts. This template is based on the system rather than reductionism view.

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