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Statements of work are essential documents in any solicitation or contract. They are read and interpreted by personnel with diverse backgrounds such as engineers, scientists, accountants, lawyers, contract specialists and other business professionals. The SOW must be written so that technical and non-technical readers can understand them during the solicitation, award and administration phases of the acquisition cycle. It is important that the words be understood not only by the writer of the SOW, but by the readers. An initial investment of time and effort to write a clear and high quality statement of work will help everyone in the process.

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1. Prepare your SOW and preferably convert it to text.
2. Select Browse and load the SOW.
3. Select each service individually.
4. Modify the rules as needed for each service.
5. Tune your final results using the check boxes.
6. Save your analysis results.

7. If applicable save as template for future analysis.

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