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Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering

This template performs detailed analysis of your sustainable development documents from a system engineering perspective. Think of it as a search engine on steroids that analyzes your document so it can be clearly written, read, and understood.

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1. select browse, go to z-cassbeth/gda/documents
2. pick any.txt document
3. select a service, press submit, review results
4. go thru each service one at a time
5. select browse, pick another document
6. compare the results
7. update and create new rules and templates
. . . These template instructions are user defined.
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Message: These metrics are what allow you to compare different documents and different analysis runs. Consider moving the numbers into a spreadsheet for visualization. Counts of Shalls, Wills, IsReq, and Imperatives are hardcoded into the tool. You have the ability to enter a Norm value, which can be surfaced after multiple analysis sessions.

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General Search: Use this service to perform general searches. If you find something that should be established as a new service or rule use add them to your template.

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