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Wreath Day is the ideal event for neighborhood associations, church groups, block parties, and parties in general. Created in Cherry Hill, New Jersey in 1989, -- Wreath Day has grown into an annual celebration. Neighbors gather the day after each Thanksgiving for the festive building of incredible Christmas Wreaths. Everyone loves to participate husbands, wives, children, and the family pets.

Pictures from Year 2000

Wreath Day starts early in the morning with the traditional breakfast of biscuits and gravy, 8:00 AM to be precise.

One of the neighbors driveway and garage is the typical location for the festivities and the building of really big and memorable Christmas Wreaths.

The driveway is lined with tables that act as the construction site. Each neighbor brings their own tools and supplies. The tools include pliers, hammers, screw drivers, and an occasional electrical super tool. The supplies include live holly clippings, evergreen clippings, and / or unwanted artificial Christmas trees from the previous year as well as assorted decorations.

After the traditional breakfast of Biscuits and Gravy, about 9:00 AM, the Christmas carols start  to play. Everyone has their own plans for their particular wreaths but there are "standard" products that have been developed and refined through the years. Creative ideas, suggestions, and plans can be found in the Wreath Day Guide. The plans allow the kids to get into the festivities with their own unique creations, or help mom and dad with the big Wreaths. Wreaths and ornaments are everywhere, and the kids love it!

As the festivities and construction proceed, cookies appear, cakes appear, and yes, the grape and yeast based products appear. The fermented grape and yeast based products, wine and beer, are for the adults in the group. This part of Wreath Day is optional and alternatives include coffee, tea, hot chocolate or soda pop. If you have read this far, then you are considering Wreath Day for your neighborhood or organization. Wreath Day can become yours. Just keep reading and get your tradition in the making.

As evening approaches, many of the Christmas Wreaths are nearing completion. The final touches are being added to each neighbors Holiday Wreath, like just the right sized pine cone in the right spot, or the right bow in that perfect spot. As dusk approaches, the newly born Christmas Wreaths are hung by each neighbor, hopefully with kind assistance from the other neighbors. Once complete, it is usually evening and the Wreaths are all lit up along with the other Christmas decorations in the neighborhood, marking the conclusion of a great celebration with neighbors, friends, and family.

The Original Wreath,
8 years old
and still going strong

Wreath Day is going on 8 years. It has been perfected to a level where we can help you get started today and have your perfect neighborhood association, church, or block party celebration. Remember, it took us years to get to this level of perfection and now we want to make it available to you and your neighbors. We developed an event planning package, a guide with plans for building Christmas Wreaths, and great recipes including instructions for strange combinations of fermented grapes, yeast, and corn.

The Whole Wreath Day Event is available for $9.95 and includes:
  1. A collection of activities that we have successfully applied through the years that make Wreath day a joy and time to remember.
  2. Plans for the simplest wreaths to the most elaborate things you could image. Note that our wreaths are usually 2-4 feet in size. These are not just any Wreaths, these are monstrous Wreaths that will blow your socks off when you are done.
  3. Recipes, this includes our biscuits and gravy special, along with a few other concoctions to feed the kids and keep the adults going through the day.
  4. Wreath Day Event membership.

If you decide that you would like to make a donation of Christmas ornaments or artificial Christmas trees, drop us an E-Mail. We hope to make these items available to others wishing to establish the tradition of Wreath Day.

We are also planning to establishing a Wreath Day Membership list where we all can visit each others sites on the Web. If you have an interest drop us an E-mail so we can assess its viability. If we go through with it, we will include all Wreath Day members on this page. Let us know what you think, Wreath Day.

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